Cool Last Names HQ Scholarship Program

$500 Essay Writing Scholarship Program

We at Cool Last Names HQ offer a variety of Last Names. You can easily get the best last names for anyone. The main goal of this site is to provide quality surnames and some really cool stuff related to the Family Names, Surname(s).
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We recognize the power of the written words and want to help the creative minds by this essay scholarship. Basically, we have created this essay scholarship so as to provide some financial support to the students and to better focus on their academics.

Leading on from this we have created the CoolLastNamesHQ Essay Scholarship.

One doesn’t require any expertise in this area, passion for writing is enough.

NOTE: We run our scholarship program every year.
 Total Number of Submitted Articles: 85

The Results are finally here… 

Finalists and Winner

We selected top 3 Finalists from those 85 submissions.

S. No.Name of FinalistInstitute
1.Helen M. Eslinger (WINNER)University of Phoenix
2.Paul WilksJH University
3.Joann CallahanKent State University

Congratulations to Helen for winning this Scholarship Program.

The next scholarship program will start soon.